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In response to: Lemon Trees?

Ali Kingsbury [Visitor]
Thanks for the information and photo. My older neighbour has one growing in his garden and after 15 years is finally flowering maybe the extra snow and the contining earthquakes have had something to do to it.
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Seven

Steve Weems [Member]
Thank you very much for the information and clarification.
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Seven

Brittany [Visitor]
He's a painted/northern map turtle, genus Graptemys sp. I had one for 17 years, his name was smokey and I miss him so! I found him when I was four and he was exactly that size! Not much is known about their life history or habits, I had quite a bit of trouble finding information when he started to get sick. They are absolutely beautiful organisms and your pictures were wonderful! Thank you for bringing back some good memories.
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In response to: Box Turtle

Steve Weems [Member]
Hi William - thanks for the clarification. Locally, in the Ozarks, a lot of people call any land turtle a "terrapin" and I've wondered about that since the guide book I have only calls them box turtles. I'll look up terrapins and read about them. We are a long way from salt water here in the hills, so I don't imagine there are any true terrapins near. Thanks again.
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In response to: Box Turtle

william [Visitor]
Lol sry was jus browsing and saw the note, terrapins are actually aquatic turtles that live in brakish or salt water :) the 3 classes of testudines are terrestrial, aquatic and terrapin and the box turtle falls under the terrestrial tortoise. Random trivial fact of the day. Take care
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In response to: Another Hollow - This One Filled With Water

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
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In response to: Groovy Mushroom

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
Looks like a boot, lol.
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In response to: Large Predators

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
Yipes! I know Pat's family have chased several people off their property that were hunting there. I've heard about the big black cats. History Channel's Monsterquest did a show about them. Most people equate the BBC sighting to the white big foot sightings that have been reported around Eureka, too. Me, I'm a believer, lol. Too many people have reported seeing them for them all to be made up or otherwise wrong.
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In response to: Large Predators

Erik [Visitor] ·
I remember seeing red foxes on your road off 62, circa 1980s. And bears, but only out toward the lake. Never seen/heard bullets whizzing by me though - - heard hunters off in the woods around east mtn in Eureka though, and that's pretty close to "civilization" for random shooting. (Maybe someone was just target shooting)
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Seven

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
He's adorable! Would fit perfectly in a pocket.
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Seven

Erik [Visitor] ·
Thats a good looking turtle
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Five

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
What a gorgeous one!
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Four

Steve Weems [Member]
Doesn't look like a baby - not with that thick, muscular look to it. Looks like a serious customer.

I didn't identify this snake because I'm not sure if it is what I call a Water Moccasin (or Cottonmouth) or not. I've been told by a snake expert that there are nonvenomous water snakes that are often mistaken for Moccasins.

Maybe someone on here will know...
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Four

Erik [Visitor] ·
Looks like an adult sized snake
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Three

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
Mr. Trahan used to keep some ringnecks in the backroom of the Biology room. When we finished our work we were allowed to go back and play with them, lol.
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In response to: A Week Of Mourglia Snakes - Day Three

B. Mourglia [Visitor]
I think they're rather cute.
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In response to: Common Snapping Turtle

We have been seeing the common box turtles a lot here lately on the county road home. Last summer saw an alligator turtle in the lake that was HUGE! Didn't point it out to the Grandkids who would have had a conimption fit!
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In response to: Traversing a Hollow Called Butler

Steve [Visitor]
Thank you - that is kind of you to say.
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In response to: Traversing a Hollow Called Butler

Jessica Ross [Visitor]
You really do write beautifully and make me terribly homesick for the Ozarks.
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In response to: I Am Housecat, Hear Me Roar

Erik [Visitor] ·
I like Tuna!
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